Why choose the Association of the Foundation Andalusian HorseSM

   * Lower overall costs than any other Andalusian Registry.

   * Lower full membership fee

   * Lower registration fee for older horses (See special offer)

   * MICROCHIPS ARE NOT REQUIRED !! (savings of Microchip and vet bill and stress on your horse !  ) 

   * Actual date of membership renewal. You get a FULL year membership no matter when you join ! 

   * We do NOT require you to be a member to transfer a horse !

   andalusian* No Charge for stallion reports no matter how many mares you breed. 


WE WILL always have a steady, non changing, non political belief of what the Andalusian breed is.
WE WILL have a friendly atmosphere and support our members and breeders in that belief.
WE WILL always protect ALL horses and the Andalusian breed.  

Full Membership Benefits
(a full member can be either a purebred or partbred owner) 

* Membership Card 

Reduced registration fees

* Members only pay foal prices to register any age horse. (See Special Offer)

* Every 10th horse registration or transfer is free for members ! 

* Window sticker

* $100 discount on a professional photography shoot at your farm 

* Free classified ads on web site 

* 15% Discount on registration with Microchip ID Equine, Inc. 
Phone: (800) 434-2843  
Fax: (985) 796-1531
Microchips are not traceable if the horse is lost or stolen unless you list them with an equine recovery program such as Microchip ID Systems 

Full Membership Fees

Can be either be purebred or partbred owner but full membership is required to register a purebred Andalusian . 

Full Membership for those living outside the US 
$95.00 (Additional postage required for those residing outside the USA)


Associate Membership Benefits
for owners of part bred Andalusians, Admirers & Supporters of the Andalusian Horse)

* Membership Card

* Associate members only pay foal prices to register any age partbred horse.
(See special offer)   

Associate Membership Fees

For owners of part bred Andalusians, Admirers & Supporters of the the Andalusian Horse (may not register a purebred Andalusian under associate membership) 

Associate Membership for those living outside the US (may not register a purebred Andalusian under associate membership) 
$65.00 (Additional postage required for those residing outside the USA)

Purchase Membership

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SPECIAL OFFER! Now for a LIMITED Time . . .
Free Registration on a horse already Registered with another Registry!


Foaling date to 7 month birthdate  $50
After 7 month birthdate to 12 month birthdate  $70
After 12 month birthdate to 24 month birthdate $100
After 24 month birthdate to 36 month birthdate $300
After 36 months birthdate $400

*  Special Offer  ~ Limited time member benefit  Save up to $350 off of the price of registering older horses. With your membership register any age horse for foal pricing. 


Annual Stallion Report
(Free if Submitted by December 31 each year; After Deadline - $25 Fee)
(FREE) $25 Late Fee
Transfer Fee (Membership NOT required ) 0-7 month from date of sale $50
Transfer Fee (Membership NOT required )over 7 months from date of sale $80
DNA Profile Kit includes parent verification (hair only) $55
DNA Analysis, blood on file $30
Outside Lab fee DNA
~ results used for Parent Verification from a different Lab other then UC Davis

Microchip if you'd like one (We do NOT require microchips )  $25
Replacement Certificate $30
Name Change (This can only be done if horse has no registered offspring and requires written permission from the horse's breeder .) $50
Reinstate inactive file - No response from applicant after 1 year $50
NSF/Canceled or returned check charge     $50
Misc. Fee (for unusual services)  To be determined

Coat Color Test

Please specify one of the following colors when checking out of Paypal.
The cost is $30 for each color tested.
*A DNA hair kit and color coat testing can be done at the same time with just on DNA Hair Kit.

-Dominant White
-Red Factor & Agouti
-Red Factor
-Sabino 1
-Roan Zygosity
-Lethal White Overo
-Splashed White


*  All Fees To be paid in US Funds Only
* We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone